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The first ferry services to the Åland islands began in May 1960. Since then the port has developed and ferry traffic has increased, with Kapellskär now one of Sweden's largest freight ports for rolling goods. After more than 50 years as a ferry port the Port of Kapellskär needs to be modernised and made more efficient.

The rebuilding of the port will comprise a new pier with two quay-berths at the south end of the port, a reconstructed ferry berth in the centre and the existing pier with two ferry berths at the north end of the port. When the rebuilding work is completed the port will have 5 modern ferry berths. There will be a new pilot harbour adjacent to the south end of the port.

What's happening right now?

On 2 September 2013 the Stockholm Municipal Council approved the implementation decision that gives a green light for the planned expansion of the Port of Kapellskär. The implementation decision provides agreement that the Port of Kapellskär can be rebuilt and expanded at a cost of 745 MSEK, at today's rates.

The preparations have been ongoing for some time and now all of the decisions are in place for the project to start. The procurement process can now be completed with the first of the sub-contractors and construction work is planned to begin at the end of September.

In total the expansion is expected to take around 2.5 years, which means that the new port areas will come into operation during 2016.

The Port of Kapellskär today

From the Port of Kapellskär the sailing times are short to Åland, Finland and Estonia.
Find out more about current operation of the port

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