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Access to Ports of Stockholm

To gain entry to our port facilities in Kapellskär, Nynäshamn and Stockholm you must apply for an access permit. You must be familiar with Ports of Stockholm's safety regulations and what your responsibilities are concerning authorization and access cards. This is necessary not only to be granted authorisation but also so that our port facilities remain a safe and secure place for our employees and visitors alike.

Our regulations have been developed based on the legislation that applies to the prevention of terrorism, the Maritime Safety Act and the SAFE Port Act. Three security levels apply at our ports and for vessels, where level one is the normal status. If a level two or three status is declared then special safety measures apply and authorization cards will no longer function. Access cards may be blocked to prevent entry to an area.

There are specific provisions and regulations that apply for working at the fuel ports. Special permission is required, for example, before any work can begin.

Read more about Ports of Stockholm's safety regulations

Important facts you must know when you apply

  • Failure to comply with the applicable terms and conditions can lead to fines and/or expulsion from Ports of Stockholm port facilities.
  • Loss of an authorization or access card must be notified immediately to Ports of Stockholm.
  • All authorization and access cards that are issued are personal and must be handled as valuable personal data. For this reason the lending or borrowing of cards is forbidden.
  • Ports of Stockholm charges a fee for the issue of access cards.
  • If you have been granted an authorization card or an access card you have a responsibility to wear this where it can be clearly seen and to show this during checks at the port facilities.
  • You must ensure that no unauthorized person follows you into or out of port facilities and buildings.
  • Be aware that it is your responsibility to make sure that your access card is valid and to renew your card in good time.
  • If there is any change to your employment, or if you will work in a different facility or building(s), or if there is any change to other information such as your contact details, you have an obligation to inform Ports of Stockholm of this.
  • When your authorized access is no longer valid, you must return all of the cards you have been issued to Ports of Stockholm.

How your personal information is handled

For Ports of Stockholm to be able to issue an authorization card and an access card to you we need your consent to store and process your personal data in accordance with the Swedish Data Protection Act (1998:204).

By providing us with your consent and your personal data Ports of Stockholm is able to ensure that the laws and regulations governing authorization and access to Ports of Stockholm's operations are complied with.

The Ports of Stockholm safety unit processes and is responsible for your personal data. Your personal data is processed during the period you have active authorization and/or a Ports of Stockholm access card.

As a card holder you can withdraw your consent for Ports of Stockholm to process your personal data. Ports of Stockholm will correct, block and/or erase your stored information at your request. You can make such a request using the Ports of Stockholm change notification form that you must then send to tilltra...@stoports.com or you can hand the form in to the Ports of Stockholm reception desk at Magasin 2, Frihamnen, Stockholm.

Questions about access and applications?

Telephone +46(0)8-670 27 10

For other questions or enquiries prior to your visit
Telephone +46(0)8-670 27 10

Updated 2013-06-11
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Enquiries and further information

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