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Värtahamnen is one of the largest port areas in Stockholm and serves extensive ferry traffic to Finland and Estonia. Large amounts of goods also depart from here on the Sea Wind train ferry service to Turku, as well as on the fossil fuel tankers for supplying fuel to the power station at Hjorthagen.

Värtahamnen, in the centre of Stockholm, is of enormous importance for the transport of goods and passengers throughout the expansive Baltic Sea area. Ferries run daily from Värtahamnen to and from Turku, Helsinki and Tallinn. As the region is the largest consumer area in Sweden the port is an extremely important link in the transport chain and is of great commercial importance.

The Värtahamnen terminal covers a total area of 107,000 square metres and there are three Ro-Ro quay-berths. The terminal also houses the rail tracks for the rolling stock that is transported by train ferry, as well as the tracks used for loading and unloading goods.

In the northern part of the Värtahamnen area there is also a quay that is used by Fortum. Here Fortum brings in materials for the production of district heating, cooling, electricity and town gas. Fortum has its own storage facilities for liquid and solid fuels. The building giant Betongindustri also brings in sand via Värtahamnen for the company’s concrete-making facility.

The development of Värtahamnen

Beginning in the summer of 2013 Värtahamnen will be restructured and will extend further into the bay.
Read more about the development

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