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One aspect of our operations is the management of properties, premises and land in the vicinity of the port operations.

The majority of the properties The Ports of Stockholm manage are located in the Frihamnen area, with one of the exceptions being Stora Tullhuset (previously the customs building) at Stadsgården. We have approximately 500 tenants who lease land, rent storage space or let office premises via us.

Our premises are wonderfully situated close to the city with good bus and underground communications. The properties are located directly or indirectly adjacent to the port and the water is never far away. Our premises are unique. They have a long history behind them and they provide beautiful environments. As your landlord we want nothing less than your satisfaction with the premises - we always strive to provide the best service possible and we are receptive to your specific needs.

We focus on personal service, your input and the environment

We are very committed to providing our tenants with a personal service and the opportunity to work with us to affect and influence. The environment and energy are other important areas we are committed to.

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Updated 2011-05-20
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Did you know that...

...we manage approximately 1,100,000 m² of land and 200,000 m² of premises. 

...we have approximately 500 tenants leasing our premises, who are working with everything from shipping, media and the import of wine to the archiving of data and records.  

...from our properties at Frihamnen we have reduced our impact on the climate by 3,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.


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