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A sustainable society must be combined with long-term profitability. For us this means taking economic, social and environmental aspects into consideration. It is important for us to be able to offer sustainable forms of transport for our customers, collaborating partners, suppliers, authorities and employees.

The City of Stockholm is working to achieve “Vision Stockholm 2030”, a long-term and comprehensive vision of how Stockholm should develop. Together we want to create a multifaceted city, with a wealth of experiences to choose from, that expands and strengthens its competitive power at the same time as being a city for its citizens, which is perceived as beautiful, safe and accessible.

Environmental and societal responsibilities are important, integrated, key aspects of our current and future work. Considering our public activities, our owners, our geographical location in Stockholm and the vulnerable nature of the archipelago and the Baltic Sea, societal responsibility has been an integral factor of our culture for a long time. We will also be increasing our focus on societal and environmental responsibility in the coming years, to ensure long-term profitability and sustainable solutions and to maintain our position as one of the world’s leading green ports.

Part of Ports of Stockholm’s mandate is to promote tourism and passenger traffic, as well as archipelago and waterborne local traffic. This also includes maintaining and developing the city’s inner city quays so that residents and tourists alike can enjoy the maritime city of Stockholm.


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