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About us

Ports of Stockholm forms an important part of the infrastructure for the transport of goods and people.

Each year more than 12 million passengers and eight million metric tons of goods pass though the capital of Sweden’s ports simply, efficiently and cost-effectively. Transport by sea is also a good eco-friendly alternative, with the enormous advantages of groupage transportation. The blue route is the green one to and from Stockholm.

Ports of Stockholm works to make Stockholm a vibrant, modern maritime city for residents, commerce and tourists alike. Our mandate includes promoting shipping and ensuring the supply of goods to the region.

Our vision is that Ports of Stockholm should be regarded as the Baltic Sea’s foremost port – a modern, welcoming and business-stimulating partner.

Ports of Stockholm offers quay-berths, facilities and services for ferry, cruise and goods traffic. Ports of Stockholm is also responsible for the development and maintenance of inner-city quays, as well as services for archipelago and other waterborne local traffic.

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